Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump's Final Con

The final con is upon us.
Donald Trump has finally decided to unleash a two-pronged strategy as the world burns around him. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump down a whopping 11 points – and that’s the only poll taken completely after Trump’s 2005 “grab ‘em by the p***y” tape dropped. There are no state polls out yet. But the indicators are brutal. And Congressional polls are starting to tank for Republicans, too.
And so Donald Trump has deployed a two-pronged strategy: first, punish those who would defect or refuse to champion him; second, throw red meat to his base.
What is this strategy designed to do? It certainly isn’t designed to stop Hillary Clinton or her agenda. Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses, the country requires a Republican Congress, either to push legislation or forestall it from Hillary. Hillary with a Democratic Congress is an avalanche of disaster – single-payer healthcare, hate speech legislation, full amnesty. Trump with a Democratic Congress is nearly useless – forget about the wall, forget about Supreme Court nominees.
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