Friday, October 7, 2016

The Hypocrisy of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has, on twitter, savaged people who do not pay taxes, but Trump himself has gone about two decades without paying taxes.
Donald Trump praises the leaks from the DNC for exposing the Democrats, but blasts the leak of his taxes exposing him.
Donald Trump blasts companies for moving overseas for tax and business advantages, but has no problem using the American tax code to suit himself.
Trump blasts the Democrats’ lack of charity while giving no charity of his own.
He attacks Bill Clinton for affairs while trying to sign his wife up to pose in Playboy.
Every single attack Donald Trump has leveraged against others, he now whines about when it is shown he is guilty of it too.
Donald Trump, for almost two decades, paid nothing in federal taxes. He and his supporters can claim that shows he is a savvy businessman, but then they should shut up about the 47% of Americans who do not pay taxes. Trump does not either.
Read the rest from Erick Erickson HERE.

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