Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Make Entitlements Great Again

Donald Trump’s Family-Friendly Policies Come at Substantial Cost, Report Finds:
American Action Forum says the cost of paid maternity leave and child-care benefits could be $680 billion over a decade
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposals to reduce families’ child-care expenses and provide paid maternity leave could cost the government a half-trillion dollars, or more, over the next decade, a right-leaning think tank found.
Maybe this Trump guy wouldn't be that 
bad after all
Three policies Mr. Trump announced last month to limit out-of-pocket cost for child care and a plan to use the unemployment-insurance system to pay mothers for up to six weeks of maternity leave would cost the government between $182.4 billion and $680.1 billion over a decade, according to an analysis released Thursday by the American Action Forum.
“Mr. Trump’s child-care and maternity-leave proposals would be quite expensive to implement,” says the paper from Ben Gitis and Gordon Gray. Mr. Gray was previously an adviser to Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican.
The price tag could raise concerns about the policies’ impact on federal deficits, especially given that Mr. Trump has also proposed trillions in tax cuts, including the proposals aimed at families. The Trump campaign has said economic growth and other non-tax-policy changes would make the broad tax plan have no effect on budget deficits. American Action Forum has separately questioned whether such an offset could occur.
The Trump campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment on the organization’s report. ...
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