Thursday, October 27, 2016

Liberals Adored Trump When He Was Winning The GOP Primary

Progressives spent the primaries castigating Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and suggesting that Bill Clinton's conduct toward women was 'far worse' than Trump's.
Donald Trump’s rise was fueled in part by progressives who cried wolf about Republicans for years. During the so-called “invisible primary” and early contests in 2016, several liberal pundits entertained the idea that Donald Trump was not the worst possible GOP nominee, even if some ultimately changed their minds.
The Left wants to disappear their treatment of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and John McCain down the memory hole—but it’s instructive to note how many ignored the threat of Trump, even when he was on their doorstep.
Before Progressives Hated Trump, They Were For Him
For example, last August, Maureen Dowd—after discussing his attitudes toward women at length—described Trump as “wickedly fun” and “wildly useful.” After noting that “it is really hard to know who you’re electing,” Dowd suggested: “It’s always a pig in a poke. So why not a pig who pokes?” She quickly recanted after Trump went on the attack against Megyn Kelly of Fox News.
Matt Yglesias argued that Trump was “running on a much less extreme agenda than his ‘establishment’ rival Marco Rubio, who’s offering a platform of economic ruin, multiple wars, and an attack on civil liberties that’s nearly as vicious as anything Trump has proposed — even while wrapping it in an edgy, anxious, overreaction-prone approach to politics that heavily features big risky bets and huge, unpredictable changes in direction.” Yglesias changed his mind only after Trump’s rallies sparked violence.
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cimbri said...

I guess we all have selective memories. I remember the msm and liberal bloggers pushing Carson first and then Cruz, in a desperate attempt to stop Trump.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri, I do not believe you know what a liberal blogger is. YOU are one.