Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lawmakers Urge Opposition to Another U.N. Measure Denying Jewish, Christian Links to Jerusalem

U.S. lawmakers are urging members of the United Nations' cultural body to oppose a resolution that will effectively sever Jewish and Christian ties to holy sites in Jerusalem, only a week after the body passed a similar, controversial measure.
The latest United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) measure, "Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls", is scheduled for a Wednesday vote and uses language similar to a resolution that passed last week. The approved resolution, "Occupied Palestine", refers to the Temple Mount and Western Wall only by their Muslim names.
A number of countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Italy soon expressed regret over abstaining from or approving the "Occupied Palestine" draft measure. Texas senator Ted Cruz, one of the leading lawmakers speaking out against the resolutions, urged the Obama administration on Monday to capitalize on those changed opinions ahead of the latest vote.
"It's very encouraging to see friends and allies from Latin America to Europe shifting their positions in favor of Israel. This is a great chance for the United States to rally this support and expose the anti-Israel bias at UNESCO for what it is," Cruz told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. "It's confounding to me that the Obama administration isn't seizing this opportunity, but hopefully action from Congress can keep the momentum going."
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