Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillarynomics: More Food Stamps Will Grow The Economy

Election 2016: If nothing else, the release of secret transcripts from Hillary Clinton's speeches provides some valuable insights into how she views economic growth. Unfortunately, the picture it paints is deeply troubling.
In a talk she gave in January 2014 given at a General Electric leadership meeting in Boca Raton — for which she was paid $225,500 — Clinton explained to the business leaders how government spending will boost economic growth.
She said that a GOP push to "cut off food stamps" was "unfortunate because, you know … economic growth will take off when people in the middle feel more secure again and start spending."
Well, let's review the evidence.
Between January 2009 — President Obama's first month in office — and the day Hillary gave that speech, 14.5 million people were added to the food stamp program, and had shot up 59%, according to the Department of Agriculture.
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE.

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