Sunday, October 23, 2016

Don’t Blame God, Or America, For Trump’s Loss

Donald Trump’s chances of losing just hit 88 percent. No candidate this far behind three weeks from election day has ever come back to win the White House, in the history of modern polling. Early voting has started in Georgia, and by the end of the week, nearly 34 states will have their polls open for registered voters.
According to Professor Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, just over a third of voters will cast their ballot before election day. This works to cement Clinton’s lead into actual votes versus polling projections. Three weeks from now, it will be all over but the crying.
Earlier today, I got my Trump therapy out of the way, and dispensed with my rant that I hope Hillary loses. My selfish ego wants revenge and a break from what will surely be 12 years of progressive Democrat rule. The baser parts of me do understand why some people will ride the Trump Train all the way into the sewer just to keep Her out of office.
But face facts: Trump is probably going to lose. He’s probably going to lose big, like Jimmy Carter big, or even George McGovern big. It’s very likely to be a Clinton landslide.
And then there will be recriminations and blame.
Don’t claim it’s God’s fault. God had nothing to do with Americans elevating Trump, who never cracked 40 percent in heavily Republican states or in closed primaries; who relied on Democrats crossing over to generate votes. God provided several good Christian candidates, many of whom were forced by political pressure to be baptized in Trump’s fetid, stagnant pool of slime and go to bat for him.
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