Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump Would Set Back The Pro-Life Cause

Don't believe the lie that Donald Trump will fight Roe v. Wade once elected. He could do more to damage the pro-life cause than Hillary ever could.
As the election draws nearer and the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency becomes more apparent every day, more and more pro-lifers are concluding that the only way to stop Clinton is to vote for Donald Trump. They reason that Clinton will push harder to restrict our religious liberties, fight harder for federal funding of abortions, and advance an agenda that is generally toxic to the pro-life movement. They’re absolutely right: a Clinton presidency would be bad for unborn babies.
A Trump presidency would be worse.
A few have argued that some of Clinton’s proposed policies, like the expanded child tax credit, would somehow prevent more abortions than ending the Hyde Amendment would enable. Given the overall scope of Clinton’s enthusiasm for abortion and the potential for harm her Supreme Court nominations would cause, I don’t think this is a sound argument at all. It’s like arguing that a politician’s proposal to subsidize paper means they are in favor of free speech. Hillary Clinton’s administration would unequivocally impede or reverse most of the goals of the pro-life movement.
But Donald Trump’s administration would be worse.
Trump Threatens From Within ...
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