Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump Is No Role Model ... Neither Is Hillary

POLL: 72 percent of voters say Donald Trump is no role model
More than seven in 10 voters say Donald Trump is not a role model for children, according to a poll conducted in the days after Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said she “absolutely” thought the mogul deserved the label, only to walk it back.
Only 17 percent of voters told the Politico/Morning Consult survey that Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, is a role model, compared to 72 percent who said he wasn’t.
The mogul couldn’t even win over his supporters, the pollsters said: Only 37 percent of them said he is a role model, while more than half — 51 percent — said he is not.
The “role model” question underscores the tightrope that vulnerable Senate Republicans are walking this cycle, as the GOP tries to defend its 54-46 majority.
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Hillary Isn’t a Role Model Either
Democrats should stop pretending otherwise.
Senator Kelly Ayotte did not have a great moment on the debate stage when she was asked whether she would tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump — and whether, as the moderator put it, she would “point to him as a role model.”
Ayotte seemed caught off guard by the question. “I think that, uh, certainly there are many role models that we have, and, um, I believe that he can serve as president, and so absolutely, I would do that,” she stammered. Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan later released an ad highlighting the remark, which in turn led the Ayotte campaign to release an ad of its own, in which Ayotte offered a quasi-apology.
Trump couldn’t make his unsuitability as a role model any clearer if he tried. So yes, Ayotte’s made a glaring mistake. But there’s something insufferable about the way Democrats are pouncing on this as if Hillary Clinton weren’t herself a terrible role model.
Because there’s no escaping the fact that Clinton is a terrible role model. Unless, of course, you want your child to become a habitual liar and a walking conflict of interest, file false tax information, berate aides, reflexively defend herself by ridiculing women who made other choices, label political opponents “enemies” engaged in a vast conspiracy against her, demand six-figure checks from universities to speak for an hour about the rising cost of higher education, and get rebuked by the FBI for being “extremely careless in handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”
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