Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Who and what is the alt-right?

A growing new movement with Internet origins has been making a splash in the political arena using today’s most popular platforms and modes of discourse: social media, comment sections, forums and memes.
The alt-right, despite its humble beginnings, has been gaining national attention with its provocative message and presence in Donald Trump’s media coverage.
What is the alt-right?
The alt-right, shorthand for “alternative right,” is a conservative movement widely recognized as touting anti-Semitic and white supremacist sentiments. Often, members of the movement use these types of views to attack others online in acts of trolling.
With their provocative messaging and statements, members of the movement believe that they are taking a loud stance against what they see as oppressive modern movements, including “multiculturalism, immigration, feminism and, above all, political correctness,” according to NPR.
The thought leaders of the movement have crafted their philosophy to battle these progressive movements, and they use provocation to gain attention — negative or positive.
They fight feminism with masculism from the “manosphere.”
They challenge immigration with isolationist views.
They contest multiculturalism with the “human biodiversity” movement, arguing that humans have scientific race differences.
They beat political correctness to a pulp by accosting those who perpetuate inclusiveness in ways that include using clearly offensive (and often racist) terms in their “lexicon,” to sending death threats to journalists.
For the alt-right, using racist names, and holding what many would call repugnant and volatile worldviews and opinions is a powerful way to exercise their right to freedom of expression.
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cimbri said...

Alt-right are the real conservatives. They are the equivalent of modern paleocons. Think of original conservatism before the NWO began in 1989.