Saturday, September 10, 2016

What the ‘We Hate Trump, But We’re Voting for Him’ Crowd Doesn’t Seem to Get

Last night, the ever shrinking group of “Never Trump” conservatives officially lost a major voice, as radio host Mark Levin announced that he will vote for Donald Trump for president. Interestingly, back in May, Levin came up to me at the annual Talkers Magazine Conference and wanted to address some columns I had written here about the conservative media having sold out to a man I perceive to be a liberal conman.
I was pleasantly surprised that Mark had the guts to address my criticism of him directly (my view was that Levin was way too soft on Trump when it really mattered and only became a harsh critic after it was too late to stop him). He told me something very close to, “I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’re saying… I just don’t think I really belong on the list.” We even took this photo to commemorate the fact that I respected him being willing to explain himself rather than to just hide like most of the Trump apologists in radio did that day.
But now I guess Mark has decided that he wants back on the “list.” As someone who has always thought Levin is one of the smartest and most principled radio talk show hosts, I can understand his rationale. In short, he thinks that Trump is horrible, but that Hillary Clinton is way worse and that we have an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils.
As a radio host myself, I am suspicious that the ratings pressure to get on the Trump Train, and the difficultly of doing a conservative show where you are constantly bashing the GOP presidential nominee who is facing a despised rival, may have played a role in Levin finally giving in (wanting to maintain his close relationship with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh may have also been a factor). But even after giving Mark the benefit of that doubt, I still think he and others like him are missing, perhaps on purpose, some very important points. ...
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cimbri said...

Nevertrumpers are very arrogant. They're right and all the rest of us, 90% plus of the Republican Party - are wrong. Obviously, it's personal and emotional, rather than logical. NTs need to respect their peers, and fellow party members, and get busy helping us defeat Hillary. Of course Ziegler is a hopeless case but most are not.