Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump has 1 office open in all of Florida. THAT'S A TOTAL DISASTER

The Tampa Bay Times reported something absolutely amazing this morning: Donald Trump has a total of one field office open in Florida. One.
This from the Times's Adam Smith:
On Aug. 8, the Donald Trump campaign said its first two dozen campaign field offices would open across Florida within two weeks.
Since then, not a single new Trump office has opened in America's biggest battleground state, but Hillary Clinton's campaign added another 32.
The Republican nominee only has a Sarasota statewide headquarters open in the state he absolutely must win to be elected president, while the Democratic nominee has 51 offices even though she has multiple paths to winning that don't require Florida's 29 electoral votes.
That. Is. Stunning.
One campaign office in Sarasota. On Labor Day weekend of an election year. With the presidential vote only 68 days away.
Let me say it a different way: Clinton has 50 more field offices than Trump in one of the most important — and largest — swing states in the country. 50!
Read the rest from Chris Cillizza HERE.

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