Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump Backs Mandatory Paid Maternity Leave, But Mike Pence and Top Supporters Long Opposed It

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On Tuesday, multiple outlets reported that Donald Trump will propose six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers.
The Wall Street Journal reports:
Mr. Trump's proposal calls for allowing taxpayers — both those who take the standard deduction and those who itemize deductions — to deduct child care expenses up to an amount equal to the average cost of care in the state. The deduction would not be available to individuals earning more than $250,000, or $500,000 for couples.
Trump's running make Mike Pence has
not supported paid maternity leave
The proposal also calls for providing six weeks of paid maternity leave through unemployment benefits to parents whose employers don't offer paid maternity leave.
The proposal will offer "spending rebates" of up to $1,200 a year to lower-income families through the Earned Income Tax Credit.
However, this policy clashes with long-held views of some of Trump's most vigorous supporters. ...
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