Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Clinton Vs. Trump Disqualification Contest Continues To Descend

Precisely because putting Kaine at the top of the ticket is the smart thing to do, we can expect the Democrats won’t do it. Same with the Trump campaign continuing to flirt with racists.
As the 2016 presidential election enters the home stretch, it is reaching its final form: a contest over which candidate is more fully disqualified.
Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s physical collapse after a September 11 commemoration was caught on video, giving credence to concerns about her health.
Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC                                — Zdenek Gazda (@zgazda66) September 11, 2016
...There have been hints and whispers about
Hillary Clinton’s health for months...
Sure, she merely “overheated” and she’s “just fine.” But normal people—even normal 70-year-olds—don’t pass out when it’s 80 degrees and they’re not engaged in particularly strenuous physical activity. There have been hints and whispers about Hillary Clinton’s health for months, reflexively dismissed by the mainstream media, but this video gives us obvious reason to doubt that she has the physical vitality required to meet the demands of the presidency.
If Democrats are smart, they will use this opportunity to push out Hillary and promote Tim Kaine to the top of the ticket. In addition to avoiding her health issues, this would eliminate a whole host of Clinton issues Democrats failed to take seriously in the primaries: her unfolding e-mail scandal, her history of flagrant influence-peddling, her responsibility for the Benghazi fiasco, and so on.
It would also avoid the overall political problem with her candidacy: the fact that a whole generation of people on the Right have been conditioned for a quarter of a century to oppose the Clinton family. Hillary Clinton may think that half of Trump’s supporters are “deplorable” racists, but I would estimate that more than half are simply Republicans who can’t stand the thought of voting for their longtime enemy.
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