Tuesday, September 27, 2016

POLL: Trump Underperforms Romney Among Every Group ... AND ROMNEY LOST

To win in November, obviously, Donald Trump will have to rack up stronger margins over his opponent than Mitt Romney did in 2012. And for Hillary Clinton to win, she can’t do significantly worse than Barack Obama did.
So what’s keeping this race tight? Both candidates, in different ways, are trailing their 2012 equivalents in key measures.
The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found Mrs. Clinton leading her Republican rival by six percentage points, 43% to 37%, with two lesser candidates nabbing 12% combined.
But in a stark illustration of Mr. Trump’s challenge, the poll showed him underperforming Mr. Romney’s marks among every portion of the population, including among the groups where he will have to rack up truly historic numbers to offset declines elsewhere, particularly among non-white voters.
For instance, Mr. Trump has performed particularly well among white voters who lack a college degree, a contingent that made up around 36% of the electorate in 2012. In the new poll, the GOP nominee performed well among that slice, topping Mrs. Clinton by 18 percentage points.
But Mr. Romney, in his loss in 2012, did much better in the election exit polls among that same group, leading Mr. Obama by 26 percentage points.
Pick your group and you will find the same dynamic.
Read the rest from the WSJ HERE.

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cimbri said...

Sure Hillary's doing bad because the Trump supporters have been vetting her. That's not a mystery. Do you guys think all these memes and narratives sprang up out of thin air. While some were endlessly braying about losing with principles, we're out here trying to win with the tools available.

The Realist said...

What does your comment have to do with Trump doing worse against Hillary than Romney against Obama at this point? So here it is again, WHY IS TRUMP DOiNG WORSE THAN ROMNEY with these same groups?

Anonymous said...

For one thing, people should know that cimbri rejects logic and reason. No, that is not hyperbole. Cimbri actually has rejected logic and reason, the same way that muslim clerics have rejected logic and reason for thousands of year.

Hence, it is ALL too easy for cimbri to go off topic.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's corrupt nature is long established FACT. People are still learning about trump's embrace of violence in government against the People.

Trump said the American government needs to be vicious, as horrible as the Communist Chinese were when they beat their students in Tiananmen Square. Trump said this is the correct path for America to gain "respect" in the world.

Trump's consistent on one point: his praise of Putin. Former chess champion Garry Kasparov said Trump calling Putin strong is like calling arsenic a strong drink.

Garry Kasparov is chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and author of “Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.”

"Pundits and historians are making comparisons to Trump's convention speech ranging from George Wallace in the 1960's to Benito Mussolini in the 1930's."
And Trump is widely referred to as the hitler guy.

So Donald Trump stating how he would have “a good relationship” with Russian president Vladimir Putin is troubling. Their "relationship" is not sentimental territory. In regards to Trump's convention speech, they say it was startlingly similar to the sneering and boastful delivery Russians know all too well after Putin’s 16 years in power.

Trump SAID he humbly accepted nomination, but it was spoken rather as a flaunting boast. As one Russian warns us, "Be cautious who you vote for in your election, or it might be your last."


Anonymous said...

Trump's net unfavorable rating is still getting worse, Hillary's is unchanged. This is explained by the fact that people are still getting informed about Trump's truly horrible views and persona.

As Benjamin Franklin stated,"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Trump followers have hissed for the criticism they get. They are raging with emotions, and overly dependent upon a 'savior-styled' leader. This is dumb and Unamerican. They are warmed over Buchanan-crowd losers.

After many Republican Conventions, I tell you that Trump's audience didn't behave like Republicans do. Their conduct was childish and worshipful, and a disgrace to free people.