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Op-ed: What Really Matters in November

What Really Matters in November
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio (APR)
"Control of the Senate may very well come down to the race in Florida.”  
– Republican Senator Marco Rubio on why he decided to run for re-election
There’s only forty odd days and counting until we elect the next president of these United States…and what’s so newsworthy about this race is that we have two of the most…according to the media talking heads…vilified, untrustworthy, and unliked of candidates running. 
On the Democratic side we have Hillary Clinton, a woman forever to be rightfully known as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi;’ a woman who by all accounts is physically ill and not quite ‘all there’ if you know what I mean; a woman who, in my opinion, is a socialist, lying, islamic-condoning, murdering traitor if ever there was one. Bringing the art of lying to new levels and making the construction of the cover-up an art form in and of itself, this woman must not now or ever become president. 

And on the Republican side we have Donald J. Trump seen by many as nothing but a flip-flopping Democrat now currently dressed in Republican clothing. A very successful businessman and not a politician per se...or so he says... Donald Trump is actually the consummate politician as he knows how to twist and play the media to do his bidding and most times they don’t even know they’re being played. And while Trump is indeed course around the edges…money cannot buy class after all…at least he is not the afore mentioned socialist, lying, islamic-condoning, murdering traitor, and that alone puts him heads and tails over Hillary as the one who must be our next president.
But there is something many do not understand or if they do they are so caught up in the drama of the ‘Donald Trump Presidential Reality Show’ that they refuse to grasp the fact that even if Trump wins the presidency, the fact remains that unless Congress stays ‘red’ he will not be able to get anything done…as in keep even some of his many campaign promises made. In other words, no wall will be built, the muslim infiltration will continue unabated, and jobs creation will most likely come to a screeching halt, just to name a few…and none of it will be Trump’s fault as the fault will be that of those who do not want to see the undeniable reality that a president…any president…is basically impotent without a Congress that matches the color of his party.
Keeping Congress ‘red’ is critical and the House…where the purse strings are controlled…is a pretty sure bet to stay ‘red’ even if some seats are lost. Right now the Republicans hold a 247 to 188 majority and they will most assuredly not lose control as the rule of law known as the gerrymander has seen to that. 
And what is a gerrymander…simply it’s the manipulation of boundaries (of an electoral constituency) to favor one party over the other. In other words, it’s the drawing of political boundaries to afford a given party a numeric advantage over an opposing party. And while many view this as unfair, the Constitution itself mandates that every congressional House and state legislative district be redrawn after the census so that elections won in so-called ‘zero years’ (2000, 2010, 2020, etc.)…as was the Republican sweep in 2010 that allowed them to redraw 193 districts as opposed to the Democrats 44 districts....are what hold sway throughout this decade something even a (heaven forbid) Hillary win cannot change…at least on the House end that is.
Now as for the Senate…in plain English…no race…not even the presidency is as important as the Senate race…   I cannot stress that enough. And the Democrats are ever so desperately trying to pick up some Senate seats come this November because they know they need control of the ‘upper chamber’ to neutralize Trump if he wins. Right now there are 34 seats up for grabs with 24 of those now held by Republican, meaning Democrats must gain 5 seats (or four if Hillary wins the presidency) to win back the majority which currently stands at 54 Republicans to 45 Democrats and one Independent. And three states… Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio…will tell the story if the Senate stays ‘red’...with Florida being a must win state what with the presidential race in Florida being as close as it now appears to be.
And Florida’s Marco Rubio…my senator…is but one Republican senator up for reelection who would help the Senate not only stay ‘red’ but his reelection would help assure that Republicans …that Conservatives…have the definitive voice in deciding who will be appointed to the Supreme Court for the fact is that the next president…whether it be Hillary or Trump…will appoint enough Supreme Court justices and other judges to determine whether the High Court and the lower courts lean to the ‘left’ or to the ‘right’…and the way the Supreme Court leans will have a direct effect on every one of ‘We the People’s’ lives.
This alone makes the Supreme Court the second most critical issue of this election cycle behind the Senate as it’s the Senate who will decide if the High Court stays to the ‘right’ or shifts to the ‘left.’
And with Justice Anton Scalia’s death still leaving one vacancy on the bench and with the possibility that two or three justices will soon be retiring, the Supreme Court make up via the Senate race truly ‘trumps’ Trump becoming president for a shift in the balance of power in the Senate will affect this country for decades…for generations…no matter if a Republican occupies the White House or not. And remember, too, that a Hillary presidency itself coupled with said Senate shift would allow for the first liberal court since the Warren Court of the 1960s, ending the current 4-to-4 make-up which was never intended to be an indefinite option anyway. 
I cannot stress the importance of the Senate race for in no uncertain terms it’s the Senate who approves or disapproves of the president’s possible Supreme Court appointee as per Article Two of the Constitution. Simply, Article Two has the president nominating Supreme Court justices and only with Senate confirmation are the justices appointed. This allows for the division of power between the president and Senate as per our Founders and Framers…"he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... Judges of the Supreme Court..." Specifically, candidates for the High Court are nominated by the president who then must face a series of hearings in which both the nominee and other witnesses make statements and answer questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which can vote to either send or not send the nomination to the full Senate, with confirmation by the Senate being the only way that the president can formally appoint the nominee to the High Court.
Now let’s just imagine for a minute what would happen if we lost the Senate and if the High Court did now lean to the ‘left’ which would happen if the Senate goes ‘blue’…here’s but one recent example that could become reality. Remember back a short while ago when Obama wanted to nominate Merrick Garland to fill the seat of the late Antonin Scalia, but the Republicans rightfully said they would not even consider a replacement until after the election…well that led directly to a 4-to-4 ruling and a crushing defeat for Obama when the justices refused to revisit his stalled plan to protect millions of what the Democrats call undocumented immigrants…illegals being the proper term…from deportation and give them the right to work legally in this country. This vote left in place a lower court’s decision that Obama had indeed exceeded his powers by issuing the directive, but think of the nightmare that would have been if a fifth Democratic justice had been on the bench.
And let’s not forget that ObamaCare will most probably be revisited by the High Court as Republicans call for ‘repeal and replace’ (especially the individual mandate); possible Social Security changes are on the table and might need the court’s intervention as a funding gap continues to grow larger even while some projections show the Social Security Trust Fund and current revenues being able to sustain benefits until the mid-2030s; the Second Amendment is a serious topic of contention as Hillary and the Democrats will try to get it repealed and with a ‘left’ leaning court might very well succeed starting with what they call ‘loopholes in the law; climate change nonsense and other environmental issues like the destruction of our coal industry will be the order of the day…need I go on.
And all of this can be accomplished if the Senate becomes ‘blue’ followed by their confirmation of liberal justices only. And a Trump presidency itself would not stop it as a ‘left’ leaning Senate will turn down any conservative he might nominate.
In simple terms think of it this way…while we know that the president sets foreign policy, nominates justices to the Supreme Court and has the power of the veto, and that the House basically sets domestic policy and pulls the purse strings, it’s the Senate that has to approve the policies of the president and can overturn a presidential veto, as well as having to approve the decisions of the House, so it’s actually the Senate that determines which direction our nation will go as in to the ‘left’ or to the ‘right’ and that’s why the Senate race is critical…even more so than which party occupies the White House.
And its way passed time that voters understand this and let the presidential chips fall where they may and start concentrating on the Senate or they will be to blame for our country shifting to the ‘left.’ And I cannot say it any stronger or plainer than that.
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cimbri said...

The presidency is a thousand times more important than the Congress. The Congress will fund anything that any president does, so while I support the Republicans keeping control, they're nothing compared to the presidency. They ceded the power of war and the purse a long time ago.

Look at Syria. The US just randomly bombs people and nobody even cares. We're in a war against Syria and there were no votes cast. We're supposed to be at war with IS but we keep helping them. There was an article the other day, with quotes from special forces guys. They said it's a farce in Syria. All the people they're trying to help, are terrorists. Where is the Congress? Cut the funds to this stupid Syrian intervention and let Assad crush the terrorists.