Saturday, September 17, 2016

NEW REPORT: Obama Funded Terrorism With His $1.7 Bil Ransom To Iran

War On Terror: Since it was revealed the U.S. gave Iran $1.7 billion as part of its 2015 nuclear deal, everyone has wondered: What did Iran do with all that money, much of it in cash? Now we know — a chunk of it went to fund terrorism.
The U.S. foolishly gave Iran the money because both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were so desperate for an Iranian nuke deal that they were willing to bribe the Iranians to go along. And ever since, Iran has treated them with utter contempt for being so weak.
Even so, all along the U.S. government has steadfastly maintained that the money was desperately needed by Iran to prop up its ailing economy. They would spend the money on butter, not guns.
Yes, both Obama and Kerry said that "some" of the money might get used for evil purposes, but downplayed its significance.
And, as recently as last week, State Department official Christopher Backemeyer told a congressional hearing: "It's our assessment the vast majority (of the $1.7 billion) has gone to the critical needs that Iran has had."
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