Monday, September 19, 2016

Have We Reached The End Of Conservatism?

Is the conservative movement dead?
The answer, now that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, seems to be “yes.” That’s according to some who cheer it and some who seem to lament it. Those who cheer it spring from the so-called alt-right, who have been insisting for months that conservatism is a “failure” and that it must be replaced with an ethnicity-based white solidarity movement, and from the Pat Buchanan paleoconservative wing of the party, which believes that free trade is economic voodoo, immigration from non-European countries is inherently problematic, and isolationism on foreign policy is the best way to protect the country.
Source: Photo from American Renaissance
Granting any of these groups leadership in the Republican Party spells disaster for conservatism, obviously – they’re outright advocates of overthrowing conservatism.
Take the alt-righters, for example. They openly state that they have no interest in conservatism or the Constitution – the ideas have been tried, and they have failed. The only way to preserve “Western civilization” is by allegiance to European ethnicity. What sort of “Western civilization” must be preserved? Not limited government; not individual responsibility; not equality of rights. The alt-right thinks that a white brand of ethnic polarization is the only way to protect against an invasion of Third Worlders, Muslims, and other undesirables.
The alt-right, needless to say, is thrilled with Trump, who may not share their motivations, but shares many of their police preferences.
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