Thursday, September 8, 2016

Guess who’s taking aim at Fox News now? Conservatives

Ever since Fox News debuted in 1996, liberals and moderates have been grinding their teeth over its frankly conservative commentary and right-leaning news agenda. Fox itself has never officially branded itself a conservative network, although its famous slogan — “Fair and Balanced” — was a subtle rebuke to what its co-founders, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, saw as the mainstream media’s liberal bias.
But in the Age of Trump, Fox is drawing disapproving, even scathing, critiques from an unlikely source: conservatives.
There was syndicated talk­radio host Mark Levin, who disparaged Fox as “a Donald Trump Super PAC” and “not a news channel” after two Fox hosts gave serious consideration to a National Enquirer story linking Ted Cruz’s father to the Kennedy assassination. There was Glenn Beck, a Fox exile, who accused the network of using lighting and camera tricks to make Trump look more “presidential” during interviews.
Recently, though, the fiercest criticism is coming from voices that are traditionally more measured — notably from the “Never Trump” movement of establishment conservatives, who fault the network for boosting the mogul’s candidacy.
Fox’s powerful voice “is killing the conservative movement,” wrote David French in the National Review last week. The network, he wrote, “has constructed a big, beautiful and lucrative gated community — a comfortable conservative cocoon” in which conservatives “persuade each other of the rightness of their ideas. . . But they never get a chance to preach to the unconverted,” dooming the party to losing the popular vote in presidential elections.
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