Friday, September 9, 2016

Donald Trump's $25,000 Pam Bondi Problem

Monday was a big day on the campaign trail.
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton actually answered unscripted questions from reporters for the first time in, what, eight months?
Both campaigns focused their stretch-run firepower on Ohio, and caused a near-case of tarmac-lock as planes for GOP nominee Donald Trump and Clinton and their running mates converged at the Cleveland airport at the same time.
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But in the minds of at least some partisan observers, the biggest moment of the day was Trump's declaration that he "never spoke" to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) about a $25,000 donation from the Donald J. Trump Foundation that arrived at the same time she was deciding whether to investigate Trump University and its get-rich-quick seminars.
... Here's the backstory.
In September 2013, the Florida attorney general's office announced that it was considering joining a New York state inquiry into Trump University and the flood of consumer complaints from people who felt that they were ripped off by the so-called "university."
In roughly the same time period, Bondi spoke personally with Trump and solicited a political contribution from him. These facts are all explained in strong detail in an Associated Press report from June of this year.
On Sept. 17, three days after a spokesman for Bondi told the Orlando Sentinel that her office was, indeed, considering joining the Trump U. investigation, a $25,000 check was cut by Trump's foundation and sent to a committee associated with Bondi's campaign.
According to a Sentinel report from the time, it was one of the biggest contributions the campaign committee had received. We've since learned, thanks to The Washington Post, that the Trump Foundation is a small organization with "no paid staff and relatively little money for a superwealthy man's personal charity."
And after the check arrived, Bondi's office decide not to pursue a case against Trump U., saying there were insufficient grounds to join the New York state probe. ...
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