Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: The Golden Age of Fibbery

Don’t they know we have Google?
Sometimes I like to think back to the olden days, when it was easier for politicians to tell a good old-fashioned fib. Think of the age of the majestic woolly mammoth, for instance. Trudging along on a typical Ice Age morning, a caveman named Og could blithely tell his rivals Garglon and Thag that he had just run an ultra-marathon, clubbed the neighborhood’s fiercest saber-tooth tiger, and invented the Internet, all in one morning. Garglon and Thag would nod, jaws slightly agape, and then Og would promptly be elected president of the neighborhood cave coalition.
After all, who could prove him wrong? Cameras weren’t dangling off of the trees. No e-mail trails could bubble up. Forensic saber-tooth scar analysis had not yet been invented. Writing was not even a twinkle in the ancient Sumerians’ eyes.
This is unlike today, of course, when almost every major human interaction of every major public figure is recorded and posted and commented upon in the wilds of electronic media. It is an enlightened time of transparency and accountability. It is an age where the truth, if not immediately apparent, will almost immediately come out.
Ha! I kid, I kid. In 2016’s not-so-grand race for the White House, lying is more popular than ever, duplicity is all the rage, and the Internet, bless its poor, bedraggled heart, isn’t exactly doing a bang-up job of helping us sort things out. Witness the past few weeks, which have seen more lies and contradictions and absurdities and mishaps than perhaps all seven seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills combined.
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