Tuesday, August 2, 2016

When Trump's Speeches Aren't 'News'

Now that they got what they wanted, the weakest candidate possible against Billary, maybe the media will now DUMP TRUMP. NO MORE 24/7 FREE coverage that he and none of the other GOP candidates received during the primaries ... GONE for the general election ...POOF!

For more than a year, the cable news networks have feasted on Donald Trump, covering him live, day after day, for hours and hours. Republican contenders couldn't hope to get a fraction of his TV time. Now that Trump has secured the Republican nomination, is it possible that the networks will "suddenly" lose interest in every Trump speech?
On successive days, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave speeches at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention. This is usually a greater test for Democratic candidates, since they have a liberal base full of "peacemakers" and Pentagon-haters.
On July 25, Clinton spoke, followed by Trump the following day. But no one can figure out how CNN would define one as a big, breaking-news event and the other as news equivalent of a bathroom break. CNN aired the entire Clinton speech -- 19 minutes and 20 seconds -- live and uninterrupted in the 11 a.m. hour (Eastern time). The next day, CNN failed to air a single second of Trump's VFW speech live.
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