Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump's Position Is Even Worse Than You Think

Are you enjoying the new Trump pivot? Like President Obama's pivot to the economy—coming soon to a theater near you since the spring of 2009—Donald Trump has been just about to pivot to the general election since the evening he wrapped up the nomination in Indiana. And yet, there's always a shiny object catching Trump's eye: Some Republican officeholder for him to insult or conspiracy theory to promote.
Because like most septuagenarian men, Donald Trump can't pivot. He is who he is. Which, if you're a Trump believer, is actually a feature and not a bug. Trump is the guy who always tells it like it is. Those shifty Khan people had it coming! He was only talking about NRA members using their voting power!
But now Trump has really and truly pivoted. He's gone almost 144 hours straight without spinning off into Trump Classic mode. He's even disavowing his position on deporting illegal immigrants. Sad!
Here's the reality of where the race—and I use that word somewhat sarcastically—stands as of today. Trump is down nationally by an average of six points. That's the good news. The bad news is that he's been above the 45 percent mark for exactly three days in the last year. Read that again: Above 45 percent for 3 out of 365 days.
Since winning the nomination, he's averaging about 40 percent in a two-way race.
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