Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump Has Cried Wolf Too Often on Media Bias

Brian Snyder/Reuter
Trump squandered his opportunity to effectively turn media bias to his benefit
Early Sunday morning, Donald Trump began a Twitter rant against the national media’s coverage of his struggling presidential campaign.
Welcome to the Republican party, Mr. Trump. We on the right have been dealing for decades with the liberal media deck stacked against us.
It’s no secret that the vast majority of people working in the news-media profession lean left: Their inclination is to present Democratic politicians and liberal views in a more favorable light than Republican politicians and conservative views. This inclination stems from a lack of discipline and of a diversity of thought in the newsroom, and it trickles down from the major institutions to the local outlets.
The bias is clear in the types of stories that are hyped, and those that are downplayed. It’s apparent in the information that’s willfully omitted, and the partisan assertions that go unchallenged. Simply put, the mainstream media help advance liberal narratives, while burying those that come from the Right.
This has been well documented over the years, and the public is largely aware of it, even if they aren’t impervious to its effects. With the power to change the outcomes of elections, the media have long been recognized as villains among right-leaning thinkers. So when a Republican leader blasts those who are a part of it, the rhetoric makes for a pretty useful rallying cry.
Donald Trump has long understood this, and has made great use of it, but this election year is different. The Republican nominee’s problem hasn’t been the media. In fact, the media have been his biggest asset. ...
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