Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump Broke The Conservative Media

Sean Hannity, sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned New York studios on a hot August afternoon, was on a fiery rant.
"Honestly, I am tempted to just say I don't support any of you people ever," he barked.
The Fox News host and conservative personality was fed up with Republican leaders in Washington — and he wasn't hiding it from the millions of listeners tuned into his radio program.
"If in 96 days Trump loses this election, I am pointing the finger directly at people like [House Speaker] Paul Ryan and [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and John Kasich and Ted Cruz — if he won't endorse — and Jeb Bush and everybody else that made promises they're not keeping," Hannity exclaimed, later threatening to endorse Ryan's far-right primary challenger.
The bombastic diatribe against the so-called GOP establishment was nothing new from Hannity. For years, he had cast himself as an outside crusader defending conservative values and principles from a liberal president and, even worse, cowardly Republicans who would allegedly bow to that president's demands.
But in 2016, the criticism from Hannity and a vocal faction of the conservative news media reached a fever pitch. The occasional needling of Republicans morphed into full-blown, searing criticism. Even figures like Ryan and Cruz, considered by most to have iron-clad conservative credentials, were no longer safe.
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cimbri said...

Hannity is all about winning. He is not the only one perplexed that some disgruntled conservatives are tacitly supporting Hillary.