Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trickle Down: Trump’s Failure Hurting Republicans Down Ballot

For a few months after Donald Trump clinched the nomination in May, it appeared as though his bizarre candidacy, his “gaffes” (hard to call them gaffes when they seem to comprise the entirety of the candidate’s message), and his astronomically high negative ratings were not affecting the Republican candidates vying for election and reelection to the Senate, on whose fate the GOP’s control of upper chamber hinges.
Republican candidates looked relatively good across the board, from Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, whom the NRSC considers the strongest candidate of the cycle, to Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, whom the NRSC believes is running the best campaign this year, to Rob Portman in Ohio, who is running consistently ahead of a weak Democratic opponent.
In early August, as Trump began to tank in the polls shortly after the GOP convention, many hoped it was a temporary downturn rather than the first indication of a slump so severe it could wipe out Republicans across the board.
No longer. The data-analytics website FiveThirtyEight notes that six of the eight GOP Senate candidates are polling worse now than they were before they convention:
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