Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Things Trump Must Do but Probably Won’t

This has been an awful week for the Trump campaign. Trump engaged in an ongoing self-defeating fight with a Gold Star family, refused to endorse Republican leadership (who now barely endorse him), displayed ignorance of events in Ukraine, possibly made disturbing comments about the use of nukes, saw the public defections of prominent Republican politicians, and heard the doubts of friends and close supporters over his conduct. Plus, he practically ignored his opponent, mostly giving Hillary Clinton a pass on recent events that should hurt her (e.g., baldly lying to Chris Wallace on national television, bad economic reports, money for hostages.) All this no doubt cheered Clinton and the Never Trump crowd, but has dispirited many ordinary Republicans who swallowed hard and went along with his candidacy. Trump must quickly right the ship or face certain disaster in November.
Some of this whiff of catastrophe may well be -- to mix metaphors -- media and Democrat “froth” as they see a chance to deliver knockout blows. This was also all very predictable, once Trump faced off against the Hillary machine, her media helpmates, and a sitting (not terribly unpopular) president. However, other than complaining about how unfair things are, Trump has refused to take the practical steps necessary to protect himself from attack, which means remaining disciplined on the campaign trail, following the advice of his own staff and family, and trying to appear “presidential.” 
Beating 17 Republican opponents who couldn’t get out of each other’s way with a bare plurality is nothing like a national campaign against a Clinton. And while he’s being battered Hillary’s allowed to skate, just by keeping her head down. As Napoleon said, never interfere with an enemy when he is destroying himself.
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