Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Devil and Donald Trump

Alone in his bedroom on a dark and stormy night, Donald Trump was inventing some tax returns, when the devil appeared before him.
"Fear not," the devil said. "You need not file tax returns - ever. Also, I will make sure you are elected President this year and again in 2020.
"But in return, you must sell me your soul. You must betray all decent principles. You must pander, trivialize and deceive. You must gain victory by exploiting bigotry, fear, envy and greed. And you must conduct a campaign based on lies, sham, hype and distortion."
"So," Trump said, "what's the catch?"
It could have been worse. The devil could have asked Trump to prove he really had "bone spurs" that kept him out of the Vietnam draft. Or prove he knew that Crimea is part of Russia. Or prove that he knew anything about the U.S. Constitution.
The Constitution! Jeez Louise! Nobody told Trump that was going to be on the final.
Read the rest os Roger Simon's op-ed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this. Thanks Bosman.