Friday, August 12, 2016

Thank Goodness Trump Is a Compulsive Liar. Otherwise, he’d just be Bonkers

Donald Trump has some big ideas about Social Security. Happily, he is almost certainly lying about them.
Trump is, politically speaking, a weathervane, prone to telling every audience what he believes it wants to hear, irrespective of what he said an hour ago or plans to say an hour hence.
Our friends at the National Rifle Association, which foolishly endorsed Trump, learned this the hard way when barely a fortnight after putting their imprimatur on the Trump campaign he turned around endorsed the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton position on stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights without any sort of due process through executive fiat. He’ll tell the NRA what they want to hear, and he’ll tell the gun-loathing soccer moms in suburbia what they want to hear, too.
He’ll make whatever vow he thinks will get him what he wants. And if you want to know how serious he is about vows, ask the NRA, or Mrs. Trump, or Mrs. Trump, or Mrs. Trump.
On the question of entitlement reform, that’s the good news: You can’t believe a word that comes out of Trump’s mouth.
What’s Trump’s position on entitlement reform? Depends on who is asking.
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