Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Laura Ingraham’s Site Bashes the “Constitution Worship” of Ted Cruz and Ben Shapiro

Anthony Man
I had to read the article twice over to make sure I was seeing this correctly, but sadly, I wasn't mistaken.
Apparently, pro-Trump warrior and populist right-wing darling, Laura Ingraham, has writers that don't necessarily believe that the right's adherence and love of the document that keeps our freedoms in check is a good thing.
Writer Edmund Kozak, in an article titled "Alt-Right vs. Conservative Inc.," goes on to talk about how those conservatives resisting the populist uprising sweeping the Republican party have lost their way as conservatives. Apparently, one of the main reasons this has happened is because those of us not getting onboard with the populist wave are too inundated with a healthy respect for the Constitution.
Ben Shapiro and Ted Cruz
Kozak goes on to tell us what a conservative really is, but to sum it up he says people such as Ted Cruz have largely forgotten because we attempt to nation build and our constitution was written for us, not for everyone else in the world.
But things immediately get hilarious when Kozak says our constitution worship has blinded us to man's imperfectability.
Read the rest of this op-ed HERE.

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cimbri said...

Agree with Laura Ingraham. The Constitution is a pretty good outline for a representative government, but ultimately, it will not protect the nation from dissolution. Once whites get down to 25%, give or take 10%, the Red, White and Blue is coming down, folks, and so is the Constitution.