Monday, August 8, 2016

INTERESTING: Terrorist Suspects in Europe Got Welfare Benefits While Plotting Attacks

Evil people with To much time on their hands, taking advantage of a flawed system. I'd say some Welfare reform is long overdue (maybe here at home as well):
Belgian financial investigators looking into recent terror plots have discovered a disturbing trend: Some of the suspects were collecting welfare benefits until shortly before they carried out their attacks.
At least five of the alleged plotters in the Paris and Brussels terror attacks partly financed themselves
with payments from Belgium’s generous social-welfare system, authorities have concluded. In total they received more than €50,000, or about $56,000 at today’s rate.
The main surviving Paris suspect, Salah Abdeslam, collected unemployment benefits until three weeks before the November attacks—€19,000 in all, according to people familiar with the case. At the time, he was manager and part-owner of a bar, which Belgian officials say should have made him ineligible.
Many of the participants in a disrupted Belgian terror plot also had been on the dole, according to the judge who sentenced more than a dozen people in the so-called Verviers cell last month. Police thwarted the plot early last year, finding explosives, weapons and police uniforms after a shootout that killed two people.
The revelations raise a difficult conundrum for Europe.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

SIDE NOTE: I wonder how many members of Black Lives Matter and Obama's new batch of Syrian refugees are on some form of welfare? I know, that's not the politically correct way of looking at things ... Now ask me if I Give a shit!

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