Monday, August 15, 2016

Hannity, Ingraham Say It's Immoral Not To Vote Trump. Here Are 3 Reasons They're Wrong.

On Wednesday night, Fox News' Sean Hannity, apparently desperate to begin casting blame for Donald Trump’s November election loss in August, called out conservatives unwilling to vote for Donald Trump. “Get my point, all you stubborn Republicans?” Hannity ranted. “Hillary Clinton, well, she’s proven she does not have the character, she does not have the temperament to be the President of the United States.” He then accused Republicans of “sabotage” and brought on Trump RNC speaker Laura Ingraham to agree: “They are clearly cheerleading Hillary Clinton, there’s no doubt about it…if you call yourself a conservative and a Republican, it’s actually immoral not to vote for Donald Trump, if only for the reason of the Supreme Court.” She concluded, “I mean, it’s so selfish.”
It’s rather ridiculous to hear from the respective Trump Train conductor and engineer that Trump losing will be due to conservatives not coming out for him. A strong part of their argument for Trump was that Trump supporters stayed home for Mitt Romney in 2012, and that Trump would bring them forth; at no point did they blame the New Trump Voters™ for the last four years of Obama. And Hannity and Ingraham assured Americans that Trump wouldn’t just be competitive against Hillary Clinton, he’d defeat her because he knew how to play the game in a different way than other Republicans.
But now they’re preparing the “stabbed in the back” myth for when Trump goes down and people ask them why they pushed so hard for the most unpalatable Republican candidate in history.
But let’s take the argument on its own merits: it’s immoral not to support Trump. Here’s the logic: Trump would be preferable to Hillary Clinton, warts and all. Therefore, it would be immoral not to support Trump.
Here are a few responses:
Read the rest of Ben Shapiro's op-ed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with this more!

Ingraham is a yuuuuuuge hypocrite, and so is Hannity. Sad!

Trump STINK doesn't wash off.

Evan McMullin is the candidate true conservatives and just regular old Republicans and independents should vote for.

It's not even a close call.