Saturday, August 13, 2016

Gary Johnson Is Not the Answer for Pro-Life Voters

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The Libertarian presidential nominee would hurt the cause of those hoping to end abortion.
Conservatives giving the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld a second look should focus upon their actual position on abortion, rather than on far reaching speculations about their alignment with the pro-life position. The assertion by some — most notably Andrea Ruth, writing here last week — that Gary Johnson is the best candidate for the pro-life movement is absurd.
Ruth cites the libertarian focus on smaller government and reduced spending as reasons why a Johnson administration would, in theory, defund abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood and leave state pro-life laws alone.
Yet Gary Johnson does not even purport to agree with the pro-life position. He supports abortion up until viability, and opposes national-level pro-life legislation. His statements, promises, and decisions throughout the campaign, including his choice of Weld as a running mate, have been decidedly pro-choice. Weld supports unlimited abortion on-demand up until the moment of birth, and has bragged that Johnson would nominate Supreme Court justices in the mold of Stephen Breyer or Merrick Garland. Does anyone really believe a high court populated by such men would not interfere with states’ efforts to place limits on abortion?
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