Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Does Trump Lie Under Oath Like Hillary?

Several days ago I got into a rather vigorous discussion with someone who vowed that Hillary is by far the worse liar than Trump because she’s demonstrated that she’ll lie under oath (such as before the House Benghazi committee), but Trump won’t. Trump meanwhile will “only” lie to the public, but if you put him under oath, he’ll clean up his act.
The whole line of argument struck me as grasping at straws, but straws are all anyone’s got this election. Thanks to this fascinating Washington Post report, however, my friend may have to look for a new straw. It turns out that Trump is pretty darn slippery under oath as well. In 2007, he was subjected to withering deposition questioning, and he did not acquit himself well:
Trump had brought it on himself. He had sued a reporter, accusing him of being reckless and dishonest in a book that raised questions about Trump’s net worth. The reporter’s attorneys turned the tables and brought Trump in for a deposition.
For two straight days, they asked Trump question after question that touched on the same theme: Trump’s honesty.
The lawyers confronted the mogul with his past statements — and with his company’s internal documents, which often showed those statements had been incorrect or invented. The lawyers were relentless. Trump, the bigger-than-life mogul, was vulnerable — cornered, out-prepared and under oath.
Thirty times, they caught him. ...
Read the rest of David French's op-ed HERE.

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