Saturday, August 20, 2016

Breitbart News actively sought to destroy Ted Cruz presidential campaign

An explosive story published by The Hill details how Breitbart News actively tried to damage Ted Cruz's campaign for president during the Republican primary under the leadership of Stephen K. Bannon.
Bannon, who was hired this week as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Donald Trump campaign, allegedly urged his reporters to go after Cruz several times during the campaign.
At one moment leading up to the Iowa Caucuses, Bannon “was told that a radio advertisement would be landing in Iowa aimed at hurting Cruz with evangelical voters.”
“Bannon was excited by the story,” writes Jonathan Swan for The Hill. He believed it could “spell the end of Cruz’s candidacy. He told his reporters to chase the story hard, though their efforts turned up nothing new.”
The Hill claims to have spoken “at length to 12 sources with intimate knowledge of Breitbart’s internal operations, including several former staffers who were upset with the company’s direction.” These sources agree that at one time Bannon was enthusiastic about Cruz’s candidacy.
But things changed. ...
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Disagree. BB was basically split between Cruz and Trump for a long time, even though Trump led in the polls uninterrupted for many months. Then some BB people did a hit job on Trump's campaign with the Michelle Fields assault imbroglio. Trump was still way ahead but that was the turning point. Trump supporters finally said enough was enough so BB started truly reflecting the people's will. Many other sites, such as this one, decided on a different tack. BB should not be condemned for supporting the people and the nominee.

Regarding Cruz, someday his followers are going to have to admit that he lost because he put his thumb in the wind instead of being a leader. I actually like Cruz more than some people do, but he panders too much to the religious right, and that's somewhat off putting.