Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Would a Dr. Tom Coburn Nomination Satisfy Anti-Trump Conservatives?

At my own little web site yesterday, I broke the news that Dr. Tom Coburn, the solidly conservative and almost universally liked (even by Dems and the media) former U.S. senator from Oklahoma, would accept a draft from Republican convention delegates, if offered, to be the GOP nominee for president.
For a couple of months in the spring, Dr. Coburn was the subject of serious recruitment efforts to run as an independent candidate, and he strongly considered running. Ultimately, though, Coburn declined to run. Accepting the Republican nomination obviously would not cause the same perceived problem of splitting the right-leaning vote. Coburn, a solid conservative with a long-established reputation for probity and personal decency, reportedly is appalled by many aspects of Trump’s candidacy.
But, one may ask, how could this happen? Didn’t the convention Rules Committee just put the kibosh on remaining hopes for a delegate revolt? Not really, as I explained in a follow-up column.
Two steps: 1) Delegate petitions to put his name in nomination. 2) Delegate abstentions on the first ballot. . . .
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Anonymous said...

Yes, and ABT. Doesn't really matter who the independent candidate is, because literally ANYONE is better than Trump.

It looks like just about everyone has now sold their soul to the devil. Going down the Trump crap hole. And for what??? Quite the spectacle.

There are precious few sane people left standing in the Republican Party. Mitt Romney, of course is leading the way. Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, and a few others still think straight.

This is the most disheartening moment of my political life.

Maybe the worst is the thuggery and flat out lies that went down at the convention yesterday. LIES LIES LIES. They had the states in order for force a roll call. But the RNC/Trump thugs refused to hear. Went out and intimidated people too.

Trump really is the nazi/dictator/authoritarian he is being accused of being. Surprise surprise. He's also a know-nothing moron who proves it every single day.

I've never cared for Priebus, and always thought he was a little weasel in way over his head. My opinion of him has gone way south from there.

You guys who support Trump take notice. This is your guy. Own him. I sure as hell wouldn't want him on my conscience.


cimbri said...

I'm very proud of Trump. He's a great man who will sweep away 28 years of neocon misery.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri, what in the world makes you believe Trump is a great man? I'm genuinely interested, because from what I see, he is anything but great. What makes a man great? He's a pathological liar, a know-nothing, a fake, a fraud, a con man, unfaithful, indecent, incompetent, unethical, and a psychopathic narcissist. You know as well as I do the things that have transpired over the last year. You know everything he's said and done? How on earth you can call him great is beyond me.

I'm sorry, there just isn't any way to have respect for Donald Trump. He's a train wreck. His campaign is a mess. He is a mess.

He is the most unworthy candidate of my lifetime by far. I'm shocked at the number of people selling their souls to support him.

I don't mean this to be personal, because you are a very nice guy! I just can't see how a normal person can support him.

I'll easily take Hillary over Trump any day of the week and twice on Sunday. As horrible and unworthy as she is, he is far far worse for America.


cimbri said...

Martha, I like you guys too. It's not personal. Every 4 years, people choose candidates and one cannot understand why the other supports said candidate, and vice versa. When I go to family get togethers, my aunts put up a sign "No Politics".

There are many reasons why I supported Trump originally. The main reason, is that it appeared, the Republican presidential party could no longer win an election, based on standard conservative rhetoric and positions. We've won the popular vote once since 1988, and that was an incumbent president. I'm mystified that all of you, think we should have kept doing the same thing, when it's been shown to not work.

I was for Rand Paul originally, but he clearly was not connecting - too professorial. Nobody but Trump sensed the mood of the country. Trump early on seized trade, excessive immigration and the Islamic menace, while his toughest competitor, Senator Cruz, was months behind the curve. Everyone was behind Trump. Cruz, Hillary and a few others later changed their support of TPP. That's pure leadership by Trump. There were no great counselors that told him this.

The big complaints with Trump are the retweet of Megyn Kelly as "bimbo"; not a smart move but not a big deal either. The "Mexican judge" reference was old school slang and not a big deal either. Justice Sotomeyer even admitted left wing Hispanic judges use their ethnicity. We're not electing some perfect person. These politicians are all trying to be perfect all the time, and they lose a lot of their personality in the process. They should just be honest and see where it takes them.

Murray said...
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Anonymous said...

cimbri, thanks for answering me. I get what you mean. I just think Trump's behavior is outside the normal (already low bar) boundaries of behavior. You mentioned only a couple of complaints, but imo, there are literally hundreds of things Trump has said and done that are disqualifying.

I guess we will see how it all turns out.