Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Donald Trump Will be Bad for Midterm Elections

The FBI director stunned the United States of America on Tuesday with his announcement that law enforcement will not move forward with their investigation or press charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
The news caused reaction across social media with her supporters praising the FBI and detractors pointing out that many others, including American hero General David Petraues, were punished for lesser crimes than Clinton stands accused.
How does this effect the presidential election?
Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been hammering Clinton on ethics among other things. However, Trump has had his own problems with making racially insensitive remarks that have caused his supporters to rush to his defense.
The interesting thing is, Clinton has allegedly done something illegal while Trump has been vile. Of course being vile is not illegal. Yet, despite this, Clinton continues to lead most presidential polls by as much as ten percent.
On this the Never Trump camp agrees with his supporters – Clinton would be a disaster as president. However, would she be as disastrous with the midterms as Donald Trump would?
This is a serious question that Conservatives need to ask.
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