Friday, July 22, 2016

Which Is More Important To Trump, The Job or The Title?

Perhaps Mike Pence is going to have his work cut out for him? Perhaps even more than he bargained for? The Donald, maybe not so much?
There was something about the way Donald Trump spoke last night that made me wonder how much he really wants to be president. Although they disagree with one another vehemently as to the likelihood of Trump’s winning in November, both the #NeverTrump and pro-Trump contingents agree strongly on one thing: That this is an important election and that it would be a disaster if Hillary Clinton were to prevail. On the face of it, Trump believes this, too. But how much?
Looking into the camera yesterday, Trump said giddily that he’d “never forget this moment.” Now, I daresay that’s true. But I couldn’t help but notice that he said it as might a dilettante, for whom this is all a lark. From my perspective at home, Trump in his moment of truth sounded less like a man who understands the stakes here and who is desperate — desperate — to win, and more like a high-school Homecoming King who is pleased to have been chosen for the big night. When I look at Paul Ryan, I see a man who, deep within his soul, wants to change the direction of American public policy. When I looked at Mitt Romney, I saw a man who believed to his core that he was the best man for the job. When I look at Hillary Clinton I see a woman who has wanted to be president since she was seven years old. When I looked at Trump last night, I saw a man who, having been asked “What do you get the billionaire who has it all?”, answered with a smirk: “The presidency?”
My instincts were not exactly contradicted by this report, from today’s New York Times:
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