Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welfare Is The New Work

Two recent news stories highlight how pernicious the welfare state has become in America today.
The first was an announcement by the feds that food stamps can be used to have groceries delivered right to a recipient's door. Service with a smile. The Obama administration says it is too much of a hardship for those on welfare to actually travel to the grocery store. What's next? Cooking the meal for them? If only the DMV would do home deliveries for drivers' licenses.
The second story was about the hullabaloo over a proposal by Maine Governor Paul LePage to prohibit food stamp recipients from using their food aid to purchase junk foods like sugary soft drinks and candy bars. He says that the state has an obesity problem, and he will "implement reform unilaterally or cease Maine's administration of the food stamp program altogether." ‎The Obama administration rejected his request, and the left activists act as if the idea that a welfare recipient can't buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream at taxpayer expense is a violation of civil liberties.
The welfare/entitlement state of mind has spiraled out of control in America. No one is lifting a finger of opposition. The cost of welfare is now well over $1 trillion a year. Food stamps are so ubiquitous that they have replaced dollars as the new standard currency in many inner cities in America. Even in affluent areas with up-scale grocery stores, food stamp recipients fill their carts with everything from cakes to lobster.
Read the rest of Stephen Moore's op-ed HERE.

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