Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trump’s Polling in the High 20s in California

For most of the past year, you’ve seen some bold, daring political voices suggesting Donald Trump could compete strongly in California, win it outright, or at least force Democrats to spend money there.
January 7, Joseph Farah:
California may appear to be a safe state for any Democrat, but I’m not so sure. Remember who surprised everyone by winning the governorship of California? Arnold Schwarzenegger. So what? What do Schwarzenegger and Trump have in common? One word: CELEBRITY. Californians, more than residents of any other state, love celebrities. And, right now, who is the biggest celebrity in the world? Do I even need to answer that question?
March 18, California Political Review Publisher Jim Lacy appearing on Fox Business News’ Varney & Company: “There is a scenario whereby Donald Trump could put enough heat on the Democrats where they would have to compete in California.”
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Excellent. So if Hillary is ahead nationally, that lead is piled up in Cali, which she will win anyway. It's all about the EC.