Monday, July 4, 2016

Trump has a Way with Timing When It Comes to Dishonoring Our Veterans

First there was this on the 241th Birthday of the U.S. Army on June 14. Now this as we honor our veterans as part of our Independence Day Celebrations:
Is this man for real? He wants to be the Commander In Chief and yet, for some reason, is very fond of sticking his foot in his yap whenever he opens it. His latest statement is one for the ages and when I first saw reference to it, I thought, "He couldn't have said something that dumb, could he?"
Yes. He did.

Thank you Donald. You just took a crap on our military men and women and our military leaders over the last 40 years and flushed them all down the proverbial Trump Toilet.
So here is a little history lesson for Trump (and his sycophant followers who will likely be saying, "He's right, looser cuck!") detailing military victories we have had since the Vietnam War.
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