Thursday, July 28, 2016

Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz

The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz's actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment. On the second point, let's not quibble over who seduced whom.
I know that the conventional wisdom is that Cruz committed suicide. Good. Let's check the scorecard of conventional wisdom.
Almost everyone thought it was crazy in the fall of 2013 to say Cruz's Obamacare filibuster would actually help Republicans in 2014 and that it would help Cruz's career. Those with egg on their faces would include the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, most elected Republicans – and perhaps you. Or perhaps not.
Time vindicated Cruz on that one. To be fair, Rush Limbaugh and some other conservatives were on board with that belief, too.
But heck, nobody was on board in 1992 as I warned about the cancer that was John McCain to the party and to conservatism. G. Gordon Liddy and I even had a contentious fight about it on his show in early 1993. You might remember the drill: hey, he's a war hero and he's pro-life and the media loves him! McCain can't be a problem!
How did I know? Easy. McCain was out there claiming that George H.W. Bush was too extreme, so the media would adore him. Yes, H.W. Bush! How did almost all of humanity miss that?
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Bill Sullivan said...

Actually his rating among Americans as a whole stayed the same.. It Dropped at first among Republicans which is 26% of the population, because the news said he did something wrong... BUT GUESS WHAT... IT ROSE AMONG the rest of the population.. keeping his approval among American about the same..... and now a week later a poll done among Republican delegates indicates 88% want Ted Cruz to challenge Trump in 2020, if he wins the Presidency...... Looks like it was Great for his career....Time will vindicate him.... Trump AND COMPANY KNOWS THIS.. That is the real reason they want to destroy him.. Good luck with