Saturday, July 16, 2016

The GOP's LGBT Positions At Odds With Trump's

Even as GOP delegates endorsed a platform this week that tacks sharply to the right on gay rights, the Republican Party is about to nominate a presidential candidate who, in the past, has shown signs of sympathy and solidarity with the gay community.
The disconnect has laid bare the deep fissure that persists within the Republican Party on LGBT issues more than a year after the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages should be legal nationwide.
Social conservatives meeting ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland helped usher language into the platform that seemed to affirm state laws restricting which bathrooms transgender people can use and urging the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling to be overturned, rejecting calls from those who favored more welcoming language and policies. The fight is expected to play out through next week’s convention and beyond.
“It continues to cleave the party because it is, to these social conservatives on the fringe right, something of a brave new world to them, even though much of the rest of America has moved on,” said Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, which will be present at the convention next week. Angelo sent out a fund-raising e-mail Tuesday saying that the platform — which he called the most anti-LGBT in party history — doesn’t represent the party or Trump.
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