Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ted Cruz: U.S. Showing the Wrong Priorities with China

During a trip to Beijing last month for the eighth U.S.-China Strategic Security & Economic Dialogue, Secretary of State John Kerry remarked:
"After all, that's the purpose of government — to represent the people and to meet the needs of our people, both of us — even though, as President Xi said, we have different systems, different culture, different history. We acknowledge that. We respect that."
While I too acknowledge China's impressive 5,000-year cultural history, there is little about the Communist regime of the People's Republic of China that commands the "respect" of the United States. From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, the Chinese people have suffered an unbroken line of oppressive dictators. The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are stones in a graveyard of failed Communist experiments that murdered millions, while Tiananmen Square and the One (now Two) Child Policy serve as warning to any who would seek to escape that repressive policies are unchanged.
The call by Kerry to respect China, and the suggestion that the Communist Party of China "represents the people" and "meets their needs," were devastating blows to the hundreds of political prisoners languishing in China today.
Read the rest of Ted Cruz's op-ed HERE.

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