Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ted Cruz contemplates the unthinkable

Cruz says he’ll use his convention speech to outline his own vision of the Republican Party’s future. But will he endorse?
One of these days, and maybe soon, Ted Cruz just might have to endorse Donald Trump.
But he’ll never concede Trump could have beaten him in a fair fight — and he’ll never accept that Trump’s me-first philosophy represents a sustainable future for the GOP. Above all, Cruz wants to use the big stage in Cleveland to present a non-Trump alternative vision for his party’s future, one rooted in constitutional conservative principles and competent campaign management modeled, oddly enough, on Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 White House runs.
“In this election I am where a great many voters are, which is that I am listening and watching and coming to a decision,” Cruz, the highest-profile Trump holdout heading into this week’s convention, told me when I asked him if he intended to throw his support behind the former reality TV star imminently.
Cruz, speaking to POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast on the eve of the Republican National Convention, was in a reflective mood about his second-place finish (“I don't know that I'm in a position to give campaign advice to Donald Trump, given that he just whipped me in a primary,” he said with a rueful laugh), but there was an unmistakably defiant edge to his pre-Cleveland mind-set, and his criticisms of Trump were veiled but vivid.
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who endorses Trump is dead to me. Finished.

I'm very sorry about Ryan and Rubio - the two best hopes in the GOP. But principles come first. (Not so long ago, Ryan said the standard bearer needs to bear the standards. Trump bears NONE of the standards. ZILCH) I can no longer support either one of them.

I'm so glad I disassociated myself from the GOP. Trumpism is disgusting and corrupting. The guy they said would kill the establishment just joined it, and made it stronger and even more corrupt.

This convention is a farce. The RNC are nothing more than lying thugs. Preibus is a weakling. The Republican leadership is full of hypocrites who only care about preserving their own power.

I really hope something changes, but it will take decades to get back what Trump flushed down the toilet.


Anonymous said...

Ditto, Martha. Exceptionally well said. I could not agree more.