Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sorry, Trump — It’s Totally Not Illegal To Dump You In Cleveland

Neither state laws nor party rules can block delegates from stopping Donald Trump, if they want to.
Donald Trump argues that taking the nomination away from him now would be wrong. That he won the most Republican primary votes ever. That he beat 16 contenders. But Trump’s favorite argument against the campaign to stop him appears to be that it’s “totally illegal.”
Sadly for Trump, he’s almost certainly wrong.
Because while making that assertion is certainly to his advantage as the “Dump Trump” movement gains traction, a pair of decades-old U.S. Supreme Court cases make clear that a national political party is a private organization with wide latitude as to how it conducts its business.
“The delegates can do whatever they want,” laughed a Republican National Committee member who is deeply familiar with the convention rules, but spoke on condition of anonymity to be candid about the party’s internal matters. “This isn’t going to be a legal issue. This is going to be a political issue.”
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