Monday, July 18, 2016

Never Trump Plots Last Stand At Cleveland Convention

With the preferred plans foiled last week, the GOP holdouts are down to their final hours.
Anti-Trump forces, preparing their final, desperate maneuver to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination, are struggling to settle on a strategy — and they’re down to their final day.
In hushed meetings in hotels dotting downtown Cleveland on Saturday, deflated leaders of the effort discussed a slew of parliamentary tactics that may disrupt the GOP national convention — which begins here on Monday — but are unlikely to derail Trump himself.
For now, the favored strategy appears to be an attempt to block the convention’s 2,472 delegates from adopting a new set of party rules on Monday, rejecting the blueprint passed Thursday by the Convention Rules Committee. Anti-Trump operatives are cobbling together signatures from delegates in order to force a recorded vote on the rules package. They need the support of majorities in seven delegations to guarantee a vote. And if they succeed, their next challenge would be to furiously lobby the entire convention to reject the rules and add new language freeing them to rebel against Trump.
“I’m not going to let the Rules Committee think that they’re relevant,” said Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate and leader of the “Free the Delegates” movement. “I’m not going to empower them anymore. The power has been and will continue to be in the hands of the delegates.”
The effort to kill the rules got a boost Friday night when Ken Cuccinelli, the leader of a conservative faction of delegates, suggested he’d consider aiding the attempt. Cuccinelli is miffed at failed negotiations with the Republican National Committee on conservative-favored changes to the rules. Now he appears to have found common cause with the stop-Trump delegates, even if he hasn’t explicitly endorsed their goal.
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