Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hillary Indicted -- By The Fact-Checkers

Despite her I'm-above-the-law email habits, Hillary Clinton won't be indicted. FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that his office won't be referring criminal charges in the case. It looks like his decision might be the biggest campaign contribution ever made.
But maybe not. Though he didn't take her down as many wanted him to, some believe he actually blew a hole in her campaign.
"Did Comey Actually Destroy Hillary Clinton by 'Exonerating' Her?" asks the headline of Roger Simon's PJ Media column.
"I may be alone in saying this," Simon wrote, "but when the proverbial dust settles, James Comey may have hurt Hillary Clinton more than he helped her in his statement Tuesday concerning the Grand Email Controversy."
Though he might have thought so at the time he wrote his column, Simon is not alone. Conservative John Ziegler wrote in Mediaite that he found Comey's "dramatic statement" and his explanation of why no charges will be recommended to be "worthy of praise."
There's something to these notions. The AP's fact-checkers are saying that Clinton's "email claims collapse" under the FBI's scrutiny. Is it possible that Comey so cleverly worded his statement that what he said will actually be more harmful to her campaign than an indictment, which her supporters could rally around and dismiss, with plentiful media help, as a political witch hunt?
Well, let's take a look. ...
Read the rest of this IBD op-ed HERE.

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