Monday, July 25, 2016

Good News, America! Trump, Clinton Too Old for 2nd Term

We're stuck with one of them now, but it might not be for long. What are they hiding in medical records?
Many Americans feel desperately dissatisfied with their choices in this presidential campaign, but they may take some comfort in the thought that serious health issues could yet sideline one, or both, of the major party contenders.
Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has released comprehensive medical records to address serious concerns about the physical condition of these two aging Boomers. If the 70-year-old Trump wins in November, he’ll become the oldest individual ever to assume the nation’s highest office. If Clinton prevails in November, she’ll be 69 for her January inauguration — the second oldest in history and just several months younger than Ronald Reagan when he took office.
In contrast to other recent contenders who ran for office at an advanced age, these two have treated their health histories with a conspicuous lack of transparency. When John McCain sought the presidency for the first time at age 64 in 2000, he proudly released 1,500 pages of detailed medical and psychiatric records. Clinton has provided only rudimentary information about the serious challenges she has experienced in the past decade. Shortly after becoming secretary of State in 2009, she fractured her right elbow when she fell on the way to her State Department car. She fell again in 2012, suffering a serious concussion after she fainted, and leading her doctors to discover a blood clot that incapacitated her for more than a month. Her husband later told ABC News that her injury “required six months of very serious work to get over” — though no one knows precisely what that “very serious work” entailed. During the course of this campaign, she has also suffered through several painful, public coughing fits.
Trump has revealed even less about his health history....
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