Thursday, July 14, 2016

From One GOP Delegate To Another: VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE

As a Republican national delegate, I, along with the other 2,471 GOP delegates, will convene in Cleveland next week for the Republican National Convention.
While most observers and the media assume that Donald Trump will be anointed the GOP nominee by the convention, that presumed outcome is increasingly in doubt, as his negatives continue to grow and his poll numbers continue to lag behind Hillary’s — some of them by double digits. He has limited campaign funds and a fly-by-night organization.
Trump's naïve plan to ignore the party's base while enlisting Democrats and independents to vote for him — through over-reliance on Tweets and free media — will never work. Clearly, Trump has almost zero chance of beating Hillary Clinton in November.
There is hope, however.
Contrary to media speculation, Trump is far from having the support he needs to win at the convention, according to a delegate survey by a Rules Committee member who supports Trump.
The survey reveals only 890 delegates are committed to vote for him, well short of the 1,237 required under the rules. 680 delegates don’t back Trump, and 900 potential swing votes are up in the air. This means things are wide open.
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